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Click on Register from top navigation. You will be asked to enter your details here. This is needed to contact you if you are outbid or win the item. No credit card information is required.
Click on Silent Auction and find an item you want to bid on. At the bottom of the page, beneath the photo and description, it will show you the next minimum bid you need to make. You can use the “+” or “-” buttons to increase or decrease this amount or bid the minimum bid shown. Once your amount is entered click Bid Now. If you are already registered, the bid will be placed and a pop up will confirm your bid. If you are not registered, you will need to register your details first.
Choosing a Max Bid is a good way to indicate the maximum amount you are willing to bid, without necessarily spending the maximum, or having to monitor the auction and increasing your bid. In order to place a Max Bid, enter the amount use the “+” or “-” buttons and choose your maximum bid. Click the Max Bid button. You will receive an automatic pop-up confirming the bid.
Click on Donation button on home page or top left navigation. Enter the amount you want to donate or choose category. Click Donate Now. As with bidding, you will need to be registered on the system in order to make a donation.
If you are bidding from your mobile or home computer visit the register page and click forgot your password. You will be prompted to enter your email address. You will recieve an email to reset your password.
You will receive an outbid text notification. You can also go to the My Bids and see all the items you are currently winning or losing. The leaderboard on the screens around the room during the event will scroll the current high bidder of an item.
If you are at the event, please ask one of the event support staff onsite to remove the bid for you. If you are bidding from home prior to event, please contact to retract a bid.
If a Buy Now button appears under the Bid Now button, you have the ability to buy the item immediately. There will be a set price you pay to win an item.
No. The only information that will be posted publicly is your name at the event. If you wish to hide this, please click the “Always Bid Anonymously” checkbox when registering. You also have the option of bidding anonymously on each item you bid on. Click the “Bid Anonymously” box prior to clicking Bid Now.
Once the auction has closed you will be sent a text notification letting you know if you have won. You will then be contacted to make payment for the item.
Depending on your event, you will have the option to either pay from your mobile phone or at a designated cash out table. When you receive your text notification that you have won it will specify where or how to pay.
The information on the registration form will be used to notify winning bidders and arrange payment, and keep you informed about the event you are at including future events.
No. Your user info and password will remain the same. You do not need to sign up again. If you can’t remember your password, please use the “Forgot Password” functionality to recover your password.
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