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Welcome to 2021 Rally for Hospice

Start Date: Saturday, August 14th at 12pm
End Date: Sunday, August 29th at 7pm

All of us here at the Foothills Country Hospice truly appreciate your support. We believe in providing exemplary care and compassion for those we serve and are most grateful to all our donors and community partners who share in our vision. Together, we are making a difference for hospice palliative care in the Foothills.

Winning Bidders: Winning bidders can pick up items at the Hospice or at the Stash on the following dates:

Welcome to our auction. Click here to browse our auction items. To bid, click here to register. You will receive a text notification if you are outbid and if you have won an item. Please refer to our FAQs or Contact us if you need assistance.


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